Accuity A160.6 2D &3D

Accuity A160.6 2D &3D from InspecVision

Accuity A160.6 2D &3D

Product Features

  • Telecentric Gauging System
  • Automated 2D & 3D Inspection
  • Certified Accuracy from 6 microns
  • Scan Parts up to 170mm wide
  • 4 second Setup and Inspection Time

Product Specs


2D: 6μm
3D: 10μm

Component Size
(length x depth x height)

> 160mmmm x > 160mmmm x > 60mmmm

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Overview / Specifications

Description Specification/Scope of Supply
Max Single 2D scan area >160mm diameter
Max Single scan depth 60mm (Z)
Camera >20 megapixels
Lens Telecentric
2D Single Point Repeatability 1.5 microns
2D Accuracy 6 microns
3D Single Point Repeatability 1.8 microns
3D Accuracy 10 microns
2D Scanning time 0.1 seconds
3D Scanning time 10 seconds
Peripheral equipment Table lighting controller, Standard Computer Interface
Required Operating System Windows 10 64bit
Software included 3D scanning, automated repositioning, texture map acquisition, 3D color rendering, creation of crosssections, creation of 3D edges, reverse engineering of 3D edges to DXF/DWG, comparison of 3D edges to DXF/DWG, reverse projection of colored deviation reports onto part, creation of 3D point clouds in PLY, STL, VRML, ASCII formats, creation of texture mapped point clouds, calibration software, 2D inspection software using silhouette and light from above, SPC output, automatic alignment, dimension importing, tolerance importing, tolerance tables, 3D repositioning, 2D repositioning, 2D reverse engineering.
Free 3D Inspection Software Fully compatible with off the shelf free 3D inspection software. Functionality includes comparison to 3D solid models, dimensioning, GD&T, cross-sections, full surface deviation inspection, merging of scans, customizable reports, automatic alignment of scan to CAD, point cloud meshing, processing and filtering, extraction of nominal data from CAD model, comparison of 2 scans.
Advanced 3D inspection software option (Geomagic Control X) Available on request. Comparison to 3D solid models, GD&T, SPC, cross-sections, full surface and edge inspection, creation of report templates, automated merging of point clouds, automatic alignment of scan to CAD, automatic point cloud processing and filtering, automatic detection of repositioning spheres, macro creation for full automation, automatic extraction of nominal data from CAD model, comparison of 2 scans.
3D reverse engineering (advanced package) Available on request. Creation of 3D solid models from scan data
Calibration Kit Included as standard, retro-reflective reference markers mounted onto steel plate with repositioning frame
3D Accuracy Verification Object Included as standard, calibrated hardened steel ball bar
Accuity construction Frame with removable sheet metal cladding
Frame with removable sheet metal cladding Full HD 1080p 1920x1080 native resolution LED projector
Data cables HDMI and USB3
Power supply 110-240V 50/60/Hz
Power consumption 2 Amp maximum at 230 Volt, 4 Amp max at 110 Volt
EC directives Compliant with Machinery, Low voltage and EMC Directives
Paint colour Frame and Outer canopy: RAL5013 Blue
Ambient operating conditions 5-35 degree C
Approx Footprint width/ depth/ height/ weight 710mm (W) x 963mm (D) x 2005mm (H) 225kgs
Standard packing Export crate suitable for sea shipping
Warranty One year limited warranty on hardware and software
Optional extended warranty Two or three year extended warranty (requires software upgrade option)
Software support option Annual support contract provides free software upgrades
  1. Tested using multiple scans of ISO 10360-4 reference object in single position
  2. Tested on ISO 1036-4 reference object by applying ISO 10360-4 to 2D scanning system across > 80% of scanning area
  3. Tested using distance between ball bar spheres in single position
  4. Tested by measuring distance between ball bar spheres throughout the measuring volume
  5. Typical scanning time, may vary according to object surface finish and size

Actual measuring accuracies achieved will depend on operating environment, user input, quality and condition of materials

Due to our policy of continuous improvement specifications are subject to change without notice, please contact factory or your InspecVision dealer



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