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TT Gaskets is the leading Nordic manufacturer of gaskets, packings and sealing solutions for all major industries including automotive, marine, food processing, lighting and HVAC. The company is an independent, Finnish family business, established in 1943.

The company’s whole quality system is now centred around the Planar machine.

“The main benefit is that our whole quality system relies on the machine, and >90% of the time we have a more accurate measuring method than our customers do. Also, the reverse engineering feature saves us a LOT of time, tens of minutes per complex part.”

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Markus Riuttaskorpi, Quality Engineer, TT Gaskets

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Planar P70.20

“Planar machine is a very exciting, versatile and flexible tool to have in a factory that manufactures flat parts. It is very fast, and it measures the parts very thoroughly. The amount of measuring points in a small part can be over 10,000, which would take forever to measure, for example, with a CNC coordinate machine. Also it is pretty much the only machine/tool that can measure very soft parts that will deform on a very slight touch.”

Markus Riuttaskorpi, Quality Engineer, TT Gaskets

Specialists in the design and manufacture of computer vision-based measurement systems for industrial applications

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