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The Scherer Group was established in 1981, and is the merging of medium sized companies into a well known manufacturing group making plastic and aluminium products. Auto Heinen is a company within the Scherer Group.

Their company’s dedication to quality management meant that they wanted to find a fast and accurate method of checking their components. Auto Heinen purchased our Opti-Scan, model OS350.10. The Opti-Scan is the world’s first 3D scanner that can measure surfaces and edges in 3D

“The Opti-Scan has a good price to performance ratio and it is very fast to check the dimensional quality of a component.”

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Thomas Duell, Measurement Engineer Auto Heinen (Scherer Group)

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OptiScan OS350.10

After a visit by a member of InspecVision Deutschland’s team and using created macros “the system is extremely easy to use!”

Thomas Duell, Measurement Engineer Auto Heinen (Scherer Group)

Specialists in the design and manufacture of computer vision-based measurement systems for industrial applications

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